17 Elegant Wedding Ideas On A Budget DIY
Elegant and romantic weddings have always occupied an important place in the wedding world, all year round welcome and all the themes fitted. Whether a formal indoor wedding banquet, an exotic destination wedding, or a lazy rural courtyard celebration, your day can always be integrated into the elegant atmosphere.
Let's take a look at how to have an elegant wedding.

1. Elegant Wedding Hairstyles
Hope your day begins with such a scene--they put like that: “WOW, you are totally different from what I last saw you!” “You are simply GORGEOUS” So seize the opportunity of the first meeting and give everyone the best primary impression! And an elegant hairstyle will help do all the things.

2. Classy and Elegant Wedding Decorations
You could make a really elegant event by arranging each detail. Put some candles and botanies in the corner, lay a few blush florals at the entrance, set fairytale chiffon as curtain or reception background.  
What you do makes the guests feel you're really looking for an elegant celebration, not a surface effort.

3. Backdrops
Whether indoors or outdoors, a sensibly decorated backdrop will undoubtedly make you more beautiful and moving in the exchange of vows. 

4. Elegant Wedding Dresses 

It's really stirring to put on your dream wedding dress and walk down the petals-lined aisle. Long skirts and lace are more suitable for this kind of event.

The elegant dress with elegant shoes is a perfect match.

6. Rustic and Elegant Weddings
Countryside nuptials are wildly popular all the time, so why not set on an elegant country wedding? Combine adorable and soft blooms and greenery with wooden details, burlap, mason jars, and any other rustic items. So cool, right?

7. Elegant & Vintage Weddings
These two styles complement each other. Add some retro elements and your wedding will be radically softer.

8. Elegant Bouquets
Blush pink, white, and green are the subjects of an elegant wedding, add some kinds of these neutral hues and you will go through with really mild flowers.

9. Elegant Bridesmaids
Don't forget your darling bridesmaids. A simple and generous dress up will be nothing more than adding points to your wedding look. 

10. Elegant Wedding Cakes 

11. Elegant Centerpieces
Decent table furnishings not only enhance appetite but also amuse guests and increase banquet talk. 

12. Elegant Seating Charts

13. Elegant Blush & Navy 

14. Elegant Wedding Favors

15. Elegant Wedding Chairs

16. Elegant Gold Weddings
Gold tones are prone to add grace no matter what seasons. And embellished with a little green plant to increase vitality. 

17.Elegant Wedding Invitations 
Finally, how can a complete wedding happen without invitations? They are the first impression of your wedding to your guests. With the beautiful invitations, your guests could know the wedding theme and hope to witness your romantic moments at once.

There are so many ways, just put your heart into it and make every detail wonderful. And we believe you will put together an insanely eye-popping elegant event in the course of time!