40 DIY Bridesmaid Gifts Wedding Ideas On A Budget
Hey! Are you a DIY-er & getting married soon? Well then, we have a set of projects that is going to make you grin from ear to ear! 40 DIY bridesmaids gift ideas!
It’s a fact: being part of a wedding party has become a lot of work these days. So don’t be shy about expressing your thanks. Today’s brides usually give at least 2 gifts to their bridesmaids, sometimes even more. You give a gift to your bridesmaids, when you “propose” to them that you would like them to be your bridesmaid or Maid of Honor. Then you also give them a lovely gift, either on the day of your wedding or just after your wedding, to say Thank You for all of their efforts and smiles to make your Big Day so special!
What we think is great, is that you’ll find a huge variety among these DIY projects. So whether your BFFs like sweet treats, candles, wine or other fun things, there is for sure something on this list you’ll know they will love that you can DIY for them. What’s also terrific is that so many of the DIY gifts are customizable, some you can add a photo of the 2 of you, their name or monogram or simply their favorite colors. Making a gift personalized is important, to show how much you care.
So, let’s get started! Congratulations on your soon-to-be wedding & happy DIY-ing!

DIY Style Monogrammed Tote

Want to give your bridesmaids a personalized gift? Try this DIY.
From WomansDay

Initial Bracelet Jewelry Bridesmaid

Isn’t this lovely? Perfect to give to your bridesmaids!

Mountain Wedding in CO Bridesmaid proposal box

Do you have your wedding planned, but need your bridesmaids? Here it the DIY box for you!

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid #2

So adorable! A towel covers the wire wrap word “bridesmaid” so it is a fun surprise!
From SomethingTurquoise

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Label

Do you always have a glass of wine with your friends? Now you know the perfect way to ask them to be your bridesmaids!

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift

Does she love flowers? Here is the best DIY to ask her to be your bridesmaid!

DIY Personalized Bridal Party Hankerchiefs

An old fashioned hankerchief is a lovely DIY. Your bridesmaids will love this!
From SomethingTurquoise

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Lunch Box

Isn’t this cute? A box shaped like an old lunch box.
From SomethingTurquoise

Bridesmaid robes

Want to really pamper your bridesmaids? Try this thoughtful and personalized gift.

Be My Bridesmaid

Want to really “wow!” your bridesmaids? DIY this proposal box.

Bridesmaid Candle

Want to give a gift she’ll use for a long time? Try this one!

“He Popped The Question…” Bridesmaid Ring Pop Idea

Here’s a cute bridesmaid proposal box. Try this one!

Hair Tie Bridesmaids Gift

Want to give a unique gift? Try this one!

Simple DIY Mini Wine Carafe Bridesmaid Gifts

Want a great bridesmaid gift? DIY these!
From SomethingTurquoise

DIY Wine Labels Will You Be My Bridesmaid

Do your bridesmaids love wine? Here is the perfect DIY to make them.
From CorinBakes

Bridesmaid Clutch

Want to give a sweet gift to make your bridesmaids smile? Look at this one!

Simple DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Scratcher Cards

Want to give your bridesmaids a fun gift? DIY this one.
From SomethingTurquoise 

Will You Be My Bridesmaid DIY Gift Box

Want to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid? DIY this great box.
From BelindaSelene 

Personalized makeup bag Bridesmaid gift

Do your bridesmaids love makeup? Here is a great gift to give them!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

Isn’t this cute? A funny DIY box that promises “no puffy sleeves or ugly colors”!

DIY Mini Wine Bottle Bridesmaids Gifts

Isn’t this cute? Look at this great DIY.
From SomethingTurquoise 

bridesmaids how do you ask them?

Isn’t this the cutest proposal? Its with a ring pop!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Gift Idea

Isn’t this charming? How great to include a photo of the 2 of you.

Will You Be My DIY Bridesmaid?

Are you going to have a DIY wedding? Then you really need bridesmaids to help.

popping the question: a diy “will you be my bridesmaid?” box

So chic and pretty! DIY this bridesmaid box!

Personalized Wedding and Bridal Party Dress Hangers – For Bride, Bridesmaid Gifts & Wedding Photos!

These make for the perfect memento. A hanger for her bridemaid’s dress.

Simple DIY Alphabet Bridesmaids Bracelets

Want a sweet bridesmaids gift? Try this one!
From SomethingTurquoise

Maid of Honor Gift Set

Want to ask your Maid of Honor to be in your wedding party, in a special way? DIY this for her.

DIY bridesmaids boxes

Isn’t this great? Its a proposal, to ask your BFF to be your bridesmaid!
From Pinterest.com, saved by mackenzie doyle

DIY Bridesmaids Survival Kit

Want to make your bridesmaids really smile? DIY this for them.
From SomethingTurquoise 

Bridesmaids Wedding Favour

Isn’t this pretty? A lovely way for your bridesmaids to remember the day.


Here’s a great DIY. Make bath bombs for your bridesmaids.

Will You Help Me Tie the Knot?

Love this DIY box. All items are from Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby & Michael’s.

Gold and Blush Bridesmaids Box

Want to give your bridesmaids a sweet gift? Try this DIY.

DIY: Gold Glitter Champagne Bottles

Want to give your bridesmaids a real treat? Try this DIY.
From Beau-Coup


Want your BFF to be your bridesmaid? DIY this box for her!


New to making DIY bridesmaids boxes? Try this great project!

Minneapolis Wedding by Laura Ivanova Photography

Isn’t this great? Leave a thoughtful bridesmaids’ gift right where they’ll find it, on your wedding day!


Wow! These are great to DIY for your bridesmaids’ gifts!
From ACoastalBride

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid

Here’s a great DIY bridesmaid box, where you make everything inside. This one looks like lots of fun!
From SomethingTurquoise