40 Most Romantic Night Wedding Photography Ideas
Photographing into the night creates very different style and mood in wedding pictures. The first noticeable thing you will see with night photography (low light photography) is the color spectrum will change. Think of how you see light with your eyes. In daytime you see more colors and ranges of those colors.

At night, you see less color and range of color. It is really that simple. I find some of the most powerful and romantic wedding pictures come by night. Low light photography is often considered the most difficult for event photography.

Without proper planning, equipment, knowledge of your equipment and it’s capabilities, missing those one chance moments increases. I believe low light photography is not necessarily the most difficult but it is the most technical.

So many factors go into low light photography. Some of the factors that impact low light photography is the color of the light. Different colors or light (temperatures) will all impact pictures especially if the picture is in color.

Light temperature actually changes throughout the day with the sun but there are more contributing factors at night. These factors include the temperature of the artificial lighting and even the color of the light such as a DJ’s lights.

This is one reason many photographers default a lot of their nighttime images to black and white because all the different colors of light can be quite distracting especially taking skin tones into account.

40 Most Romantic Night Wedding Photography Ideas