Top Honeymoon Destinations Affordable Europe
While European honeymoons can be expensive, there are always alternatives to the popular, luxurious options if you know where to look. In this post, we’re rounding up the best of both worlds by featuring the best destinations for honeymoons in Europe for every budget and every activity.

1. France

The first country on our list is arguably the most popular destination in Europe – even more so for honeymooners. France is almost synonymous with romance with its fine wines, luxury hotels, historical museums and delicious food.

If you are hopeless romantics who enjoy strolls and capturing moments with recognizable architectures, quaint shops, and cafes, the French capital is the place to go. 

Dubbed as the City of Lights and known as the romance capital of the world, Paris architectural beauty is both familiar and awe-inspiring that you’ll find many couples posing around them for an Instagram-worthy moment. 

Paris is not necessarily cheap, but whether you’re snapping a shot at the Eiffel Tower for the ultimate Parisian memento, posing within the Arc de Triomphe at sunset, or being photographed walking hand in hand on the streets of Montmartre at night, your honeymoon photos are bound to be postcard-pretty.

2. Italy

For couples who like basking in classical art, music, and literature, nothing shouts culture louder than Italy. Its museums and buildings are grand and world-renowned, and its cuisine is surely one of the best and most satisfying.

Italy’s capital, Rome, is perfect for newlyweds who appreciate classical art, as it is practically everywhere. Famous sculptures are not only found in museums – it’s sprinkled along streets and churches. Vatican City can be reached on foot, and – Catholic or not – you can marvel at its grand buildings and cathedrals while taking a romantic stroll.

Venice remains to be one of the best honeymoon cities in Europe because of its dreamy setting. Imagine you and your spouse gliding down the canals on a gondola, taking in some of the best sights in Europe while being serenaded by a local gondolier. End the evening with a gastronomical feast at a Venetian restaurant – it may sound like a romantic novel -- but for a price, it’s a possible reality in Venice.

3. Greece

Apart from philosophy and mythology, Greece has gained popularity because of Santorini, which often tops many people’s list of best honeymoon destinations in Europe. 

The cerulean waters and multicolored towns are breathtaking, and you can feast on fresh seafood at every meal. The only downside is that it has become more pricey to visit because of its popularity.

4. Vienna

Though these cities may be less familiar than the ones mentioned above, they are still some of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe:

Vienna is the setting of Robert Linklater’s romantic movie, Before Sunrise. If you haven't watched the film, we recommend seeing it so that you'll get an idea how romantic this city is. Views of imperial palaces, cathedrals, and the Danube River will surely make for a memorable walking tour for you and your sweetheart.

5. Hungary 

Budapest’s art nouveau architecture is just one of the most romantic experiences in this city. Hot springs and bathhouses are also a hit among tourists, and Hungarian cuisine, while not as well known as French or Italian, is just as delicious and sophisticated. Culture buffs? You and your spouse will enjoy the performances at the world-famous Budapest Opera House.

Wherever you choose to go, the best honeymoon destination in Europe is the one where you and your spouse will make unforgettable memories. At the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating your love and union, and these destinations are ideas for your post-wedding bliss.