15 Hanging Centerpieces Wedding Ceilings

There's a simple reason why hanging centrepieces are loved so much by event-planners. It's not because they can add intimacy to a high-ceilinged room. It's not because they decorate tables without getting in the way of conversation. And it's not because they just love to hang things. It's because they're beautiful.

15 Hanging Centerpieces Wedding Ceilings

1. This hanging garden

2. These dangling flowers 

3. These floating lanterns

4. This hula-hoop chandelier

5. This 'Come Away With Us' 

6. These dangling light bulbs 

7. This floating bench

8. This upside-down branch 
9. These blue bottle-vases 

10. This sprouting flower basket 

11. These intertwining bouquets

12. These drooping flower stems 

13. These bulbs and flower-chains