30+ Garden Wedding Ideas On A Budget Simple
Decorating a garden wedding can be a minimal task or a major undertaking, depending on size and style of wedding desired. In this article, we’ll cover some important considerations in planning and decorating the garden wedding of your dreams.

A small personal ceremony is what many couples are choosing today. In a smaller ceremony, the bride and groom can really be the focal point of the event. Often times, decorations for a small garden wedding are very minimal, with the bride’s flowers setting the tone for simplicity and color scheme.

If you’re having your ceremony in a private garden or at your home, you may have the ability to plant some flowers in-ground early in the season, to assure that you have just the right colors and textures for your special day. This is a beautiful and cost effective alternative that only requires a little planning. If you are planning a larger garden wedding, then the amount of decorating you’ll need to do will likely depend on the outdoor location you choose.

30+ Garden Wedding Ideas On A Budget Simple