39 Wedding Backdrop Decorations Receptions Ideas
A backdrop for a wedding is a great idea when the venue has an undesirable view. Some bridal couples use a backdrop as part of the wedding reception decorations. A backdrop can transform or complement a themed wedding ceremony.

Even the most stunning locations often need a little something extra when it comes to getting the ceremony and reception ready for a wedding. A backdrop will serve not only to cover up wallpaper that clashes with the décor, but also create a more festive, celebratory mood.

Backdrops are frequently used in the following places:

  • At the front of the ceremony area 
  • Behind the cake table 
  • Behind the head table at the reception 
  • Near the bar or lounge area of reception 

The venue you choose to host your wedding at may already have options for backdrops. Backdrops might be included in your rental cost or available at an additional fee. Otherwise, you can look for backdrop options through your florist or a wedding supply rental company.

39 Wedding Backdrop Decorations Receptions Ideas